25 April, 2007

Pick the pregnant one

Today we had a very enjoyable little photo shoot (ok, over 160 photos) to end up with a group shot for our next exhibition flyer - this first shot probably isn't the picture I'll choose for the layout ... maybe we'll go with the second one.

24 April, 2007

New bags added to site

I've just added some new bags to my online shop - go to www.annabartlett.com and see if there's something you like! Every one is an original acrylic painting made into a durable handbag. Always a conversation starter!

22 April, 2007

I made the paper with crea8

I will be exhibiting with my friends from crea8, Nic Hohn and Kym Breeze, on the weekend of 26-27 May at Highfields Cultural Centre. For more info go to our crea8 blog.

Hearts and Stars

I finished these two paintings during the week and they are now being exhibited for sale at the "Happy Souls" exhibition at Tannum Sands.

14 April, 2007

Take a seat ... home with you

This is one of the three chairs I've painted in time for our "crea8" show at The Chocolate Cottage at Highfields. Honestly, it took AGES to paint, and then seal with 2 coats of marine varnish. And if it doesn't sell I'll be happy to take it home to my place! It was fun to do furniture again though, and I'm keen to do some more for the new baby - maybe after it's born though - there's so much to do before then!

02 April, 2007

Bathroom Art

My husband renovated our bathroom in January and since then I've had this idea for a painting in my head. I painted wet in wet and added gold glazes and three different colours of drips and I'm delighted with how it worked out! I'm waiting to receive my first shipment of the wonderful GOLDEN paints and varnishes, and will then coat with a soft gel medium and a high gloss polymer varnish. I"m so happy that it's done! Today I tried 3 more flowers on smaller canvases which I will add drips and glazes to tomorrow - I hope I'm happy with them too!
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