Monday's Art Tips

To give a little back to the lovely bloggers who have inspired me, I'm compiling a series of Art Tips.

I'm not professing to know everything, I'm just a working artist, learning as I go.

So please, if you have anything extra to add to these tips, I'd love to hear from you!

Monday's Art Tip Intro

Art Tip 1 - Canvassing for Quality

Art Tip 2 - Guesso Gesso

Art Tip 3 - What a difference a background makes

Art Tip 4 - Choose the Right White

Art Tip 5 - Alternatives to Black

Art Tip 6 - The Two Rules of Thirds 

Art Tip 7 - Spice it up with VaRiEtY

Art Tip 8 - Lost and Found Edges

Art Tip 9 - How to REALLY see

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