11 February, 2008


This valentine's painting is featured in the window of "Lucy Victoria" florist on the corner of Bridge and Mary Sts here in Toowoomba. It's for sale at $480 and is 1 x 1.2m on canvas.
And this is my lovely Sophia just this morning. She's crawling!

And this is me, exactly 25 years to the day before I got married.
I celebrated my 37th birthday this weekend with family and a couple of friends, and I felt lucky and loved and special. Unexpected and lovely.

04 February, 2008

Baby Baby

Sophia is just beautiful right now. I'm enjoying every moment. But the ideas are building up and I'm going to get some paint on canvas tomorrow - and I've set up the playpen so we can still see each other while I paint. Wish me luck!
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