27 July, 2009

What a terrific mural

And I love the smiley pillows!

How clever is this?!

Riding on someone else’s billboard: http://bit.ly/et8vq


24 July, 2009

My Moebius Wrap

Well I couldn't get the exact fabric that I wanted, but here is my new wrap!
It looked a bit better on the girl in the magazine (that would be the model that is about half my size) and I suspect that I really do look like I've climbed out of bed and forgotten that I'm still wearing the quilt, but I'm sure there will be appropriate occasions to wear this in my future.
And doing it has really spurred on my creativity. Which is lucky because today is my only work day (apart from breastfeeding breaks) so I have to be VERY creative.
Lots to do and I'm off to do it.

22 July, 2009

A Little Sewing Project

Sophia has had this blank Target jumper for a couple of months now - I always planned to screenprint something nifty onto it.
Well yesterday a bit of "freestyle" applique happened instead.
An elephant from fabrics I had in the house (main stash is up in the studio) and because it didn't take long I don't mind when it gets dirty.
Ah, another thing out of my head and off the list!

14 July, 2009

Sophia's New Bed

This is my latest 'art' project. As the girls will be sharing a smallish room, David built a 'toddler bed' (using Sophia's cot mattress) for Sophia and I painted it. She loves gardens, so this is now her 'Garden Bed'.

We've had a dreadful time trying to get her to sleep lately, and although tonight was only the second night in the bed, things are improving.

I'll take another pic when I'm happy with the bedding. I have dreams of a lovely pale doona and gentle floral cover, but time seems to be against me these days. We'll see.

Would love to be able to make more furniture like this. David laminated two thick pieces of MDF together for the head and footboards of this bed and it's so heavy it'll survive anything. All we need is for it to survive Soph, and then her sister, until they are both in full sized beds. About 5 years or so. Should be fine.

08 July, 2009

I so want to make this

I found this in the June issue of Sew Hip, from the UK (I bought the first issue but wasn't won over by the photos - and was on my 'no more magazines' budget kick for a while - but I've fallen off the wagon of late) and I can't wait to make this wrap. Hadn't heard of a 'jellyroll' of fabric before, but after a little research in the early morning after a feed and in front of more Michael Jackson TV, have found out it's a 'wheel' of thin fabric strips from a single collection. Absolutely love this idea though, but have a few things to do before I attempt it - but I will do it! It'd be great as a breastfeeding coverup too I think.

The only art I've managed lately

And this took about 4 days and only went out to the elite few invitees 36 hours before the event...

Indulgent photos of my favourite 2 year old

Sophia turned 2 on Monday and we had a little party with a 'garden' cake. Gardens are her thing, and right now we're in the middle of making her a garden bed too (that hopefully she'll spend some time sleeping in - which has been a battle lately). Anyway, it was a lovely party, and she was totally exhausted afterwards. So much that we didn't give her our present (the kitchen set) til the next day, and it's been a huge hit too.
Now that the party's over, I can turn to my next urgent project - paintings for the Downlands Art Show.
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