31 March, 2009

Another mural

The colour is all wrong with this image, and I'll come back and try and fix it tomorrow.
This one was in a hallway at Child Health, and knocked me about for days - I physically couldn't get off the couch the next day! But really enjoyable to do.

27 March, 2009

Family Time

I was up with Sophia for 3 hours last night, so I needed to post a happy photo of her today! And today's a work day, so I promise some art ideas will be posted soon. I've been asked to do a mural for behind the mammography machine at Breast Screen Qld here in Toowoomba, so I'm working on that while entering details in my new website. Heaps to do!

23 March, 2009

Possibly our new favourite cake

This peach and raspberry tart cake has been a huge hit each of the three times I've made it in the past week. Simple and tasty and special looking. And no icing to worry about. It's a Donna Hay recipe (Trish - page 155 from Off the Shelf). Been baking up a storm lately. Possibly because I know that after this baby's born it'll be sensible and healthy all the way...

11 March, 2009

Perth Beaches are lovely

I've just spent a lovely week in Perth with my kids - and the beaches were terrific! This first photo is from Cottesloe, and the bottom one is at Hillarys. We enjoyed gorgeous days of daylight-saving-sunshine, visiting friends and relatives and being tourists. It's lovely to be home again, but it's a week I hope the kids enjoyed as much as I did.

New Mural

These pics are from a recent mural I completed in the waiting room of the Child and Youth Mental Health wing at the Toowoomba Hospital. I’ve done another since then and also spent an inspiring week in Perth, so will try to catch up over the next little while.  My PC has been in getting upgraded, but now we’re all on track, ready to paint for the upcoming Toowoomba Grammar Art Show and some other new projects, including my new website. Not long now…

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