31 May, 2009

More new teatowels

And another photoshoot for the website!
My black and white versions of my first two teatowel designs have arrived and are packed up ready to sell, and the cocktails design will be here on Tuesday.
I can't tell you how close the new site is now, and I'm spending hours now inputting new products. Unfortunately some glitch means that I have to re-input about 180 Golden paint products so that the shipping options appear - but the rest of the site seems to be working, so stay tuned for the launch!
And only 11 days to go til the new baby too. I'm thinking that wearing a teatowel on my front may be the best look I can achieve at the moment. This tummy is HUGE! Looking forward to meeting this new little girl. She's got a lot to live up to with her lovely big sister.

25 May, 2009

Is this nesting?

Well the washing's on the line, the beds are made with fresh sheets, I'm defrosting mince for dinner and I'm working through my to do list... it must be nesting.
While I'm also planning to give birth in oh, 17 days, I've been packaging up my new black and white batches of teatowels, ready to add to my new site, and I had this completely new idea for an organisation system for the sheets in my linen press, so I've done some screenprinting and will be sewing up samples for that tonight.
Sleeping is getting very uncomfortable, but so many other things are falling into place.
I'm looking forward to announcing the new site is live, just before I head off to the hospital!
Two births at once really. Perfect.
A few pics to share:
The gorgeous Sophia in Nanny's reading glasses. She is more delightful every day.
New packaging labels and secret notes to customers in this batch of teatowels.

The beginning of a new organisational system - it can only improve from here on! Stay tuned!

14 May, 2009

Teatowels on the brain

I'm still excited that my first batch of teatowels are finally printed (and the second batch should arrive tomorrow) that when I came across this wonderful idea for upholstering in vintage teatowels it really tickled my fancy. I love it when creative people have an idea and figure out how to follow it through!

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