09 February, 2009

Painting Outside

Last Friday was the first time in a long time that I felt like picking up a brush - and Sophia was at daycare, and then I thought, 'what a lovely day to paint outside' so I did.
And it looks really lovely but actually it was breezy so paper palettes blew everywhere and insects landed on the paint and things dropped out of the tree... so, might paint inside again next.

And part of my 'year of the budget' plan is to do more home baking for school, so here are some pics of Sophia and my 'activity of the day'. (We've since made playdough too - but it looked VERY homemade - they must use a bucket of colouring in that stuff.)

04 February, 2009

Agas framed in Perth

I did this painting of agapanthus on paper for a friend's husband who emailed me, wanting to buy a canvas painting - but which was far too big to send to Perth. So I did this one on paper and sent it in a tube. And now they've framed it (I love how they've done it - it really suits their beach house) and as an added bonus, are coming to Toowoomba for the birth of their second child - at the same time and hospital as me! Very kismet (I think that's an appropriate use of the word??!)

Polaroid fun

While Sophia sleeps, I'm sketching angels and checking emails and blogs. Love this polaroids-from-digital-photos app! Josh was made for this kind of photo!

01 February, 2009

Found this cartoon here. I'm trying to do housework and get on top of things at home but my head's rapidly filling with more ideas... it's a struggle! Will try and do both (as usual). On a happy note we went to a trivia night last night and, despite coming last (HOW did that happen?) we won the last round (fun size Milky Ways galore) and I came home with the Barrel of Cheer. Not bad really. Unfortunately I have to wait a little while before I can enjoy any of it, being pregnant and all... But the bottles look lovely all lined up in the spare fridge!
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