31 October, 2007

One movie NOT to see

Life is too short to waste on movies like "Death at a Funeral". So there, I've just given you an extra hour or so to do something you actually will enjoy. It's not often that I'm this bossy, but honestly, I insist. DO NOT go and see this movie.

28 October, 2007

Back in the studio

Today was my first day back, manning the studio for the day, since Sophia was born. I really enjoyed it! Reorganised a few things, straightened up, took photos for the SALE section of my site... got plenty done. My daisy lazy susan and a few paintings and bags found new homes today. Sophia joined me for a bit ...

And you can see the great shelves that Darryl built to display the 30 x 30 cm canvases - they're terrific for handbags too.

I just really love this photo!

25 October, 2007

New Bags on Site

I've just added a stack of new "Freedom Bags" to my site - will add more "All Day Bags" over the next few days. I actually spent a valuable hour while the baby was sleeping trying to set up photo spaces all over the house, in order to get good, no-flash photos of the bags. Alas, it was not to be and these photos are all flash ones. But the colours are pretty close thank goodness. And at least now I have 'a space' to do my bag photography for the site! And then Sophia woke up before I even managed a good shot! All the new shots were taken this afternoon at about 5.30 while she was kicking away in the bassinette on wheels. So now you've got the background, feel free to check out the site.

22 October, 2007

Kelly has Golden and Lauren has Claudia

Here's some visual evidence that the lovely Kelly Rae uses the lovely Golden products that I stock in my studio for sale. I do enjoy the layers and expression in her work, along with the colour! My shiny happy art website is nearly done, and the Golden products will be easily available there soon. I will also be adding them to my anna bartlett site in their own category in the meantime. I really do enjoy using the fluids and the gesso is like the most divine cream...

Enough of that. My sister gave birth to a baby girl called Claudia this afternoon and I'm really chuffed to be an aunty again. It's exciting to think that her daughter and mine could grow up together. I do like being a girl and I like knowing what these brand new little girls have to look forward to!

21 October, 2007

Flowers, cakes and Spiderman!

This is one of my poppy paintings that recently sold at our 30 x 30 = $90 exhibition.
This bunch of daisies is cute and available (for $90), so I will add it to my site very soon.

And this cupcake pic is in honour of the fact that I am joining forces with a brilliant local florist, Rebecca of Lucy Victoria, and a talented local cake artist, Viv from Tinker Magic, to paint out the front of the florist shop, on Saturday 10th November. I'm going to paint HUGE flowers and love every minute of it. Then another day soon I'm going to paint HUGE cakes. Can't wait. I'm just as excited about the business networking as I am about the painting. I just love talking marketing!

And this is my wonderful, talented, middle child, Josh. Isn't this an amazing photo!

16 October, 2007


I do like the word 'dream' - as seen in this tattoo inspired piece. And I also like the words 'nostril' and 'singlet' and 'sausage'... always have. Those might look a little stranger in a painting though. So for now, I'll stick with 'dream'.

I'd also like to draw your attention to a blog of an artist who's work I love. Her name is Tiel and you can see her blog here. Tiel's sister was in my senior year and I have watched her develop her style over the years - from afar. I've tried to upload an image - but I keep getting an error message, so please go and check out her site for yourself!

And these gorgeous baby shoes from New Zealand (available on etsy) and with a lovely blog link to tiny happy (so similar to 'shiny happy art' - might be why I like them so much).

15 October, 2007

The $90 wall

This was the 30x30=$90 wall after the big rush on Carnival Sunday. We actually forgot to take a pic of the wall before the onslaught, so over 11 had sold before the whole thing was rearranged and I actually took a photo. You can also see the mural inside the door of the studio, my banner outside and some other art and jewellery displayed inside. Welcome virtual visitors!

Poppies are finished

Here is the finished pic of the poppies I started earlier. I'm really happy with the way the black gesso base gave an elegant tone to the whole piece.
The two canvases measure 30cm x 120cm, (so together they're 60cm x 120cm) and could be hung either side of a window or door, or hung together.
They're priced at $750 for the pair and are currently on display in my home studio. Just let me know if you're interested in these pieces or similar!
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