22 November, 2007

Freaky Colours!

This is where I'll be this Sat afternoon - I'm actually sitting in their display window to paint. I'll be sure to get a photo.
The colours have gone WRONG with this flyer - it's actually much prettier. No idea what happened here...

We're at this stage already

Yep, Sophia realised she could do this last week. Very cute. Hard to change nappies, but very cute.

10 November, 2007

What a lovely day

Today I painted out the front of Tinkermagic (cakes). Rebecca from Lucy Victoria sold gorgeous bouquets and Vivian had boxes containing "One Perfect Cupcake" for sale too. It was a terrific first event for our little informal group, and we're now planning another event at the Lucy Victoria shop on Sat 24th November. It'll be a Christmas theme and just lovely - stay tuned!

07 November, 2007

Cakes, flowers and art

This Saturday, weather permitting, I'll be painting out the front of Tinkermagic in Herries Street from 10-12am. I'm really looking forward to it. And tomorrow I'm speaking to art students at TAFE about marketing their art. Off to do my notes for that right now...
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