24 November, 2006

Busy making hay

Well the sun's been shining and I'm busy making hay. Sold heaps of bags at the markets last week and have at least 5 more open days in the studio before Christmas! Heaps to do!

16 November, 2006

Loves to work with children and animals

I've decided that my next ad will have a headline that tells people that I love to work with children and animals - and therefore promote my commission work for the two most popular requests that I have. I have booked 4 ads in revive magazine (I can't believe how much I'm spending!) and 3 are pre-Christmas so will promote bags, but the other is in Jan/Feb so I think commissions are more appropriate. Here are two cat paintings painted as a birthday gift to a husband - belated because my client happened to have a baby before she could get me photos of the cats with their eyes actually open. So I got to meet the sweet 5 week old and reminisce about how difficult it is to do anything when you bring home your first baby ... but how somehow you manage better when you've got two. Lovely memories.

12 November, 2006

Cover Shots - not!

I had a couple of ideas for new shots for ads and the site today - modelling isn't all it's cracked up to be! I didn't end up using either of these shots, although I am happy that they show a lot of bags. (And I really like that red top!)

08 November, 2006

Melbourne Cup Luncheon

Well, I managed to back the horse that came third - and a heap of others that didn't come first or second - but it was a lovely and successful Melbourne Cup Luncheon at Fire + Ice yesterday. My business, Bravo Events, organised it, and I was particularly proud of our tulip table decorations and hot pink table runners. They added a real sense of occasion to the day!

03 November, 2006

What do you say to an artist?

These are some of the stages of a commission I painted for a very popular Brisbane footballer, Gordon - and when it was delivered he rang to tell me he "didn't know what to say to an artist, but I get man of the match!" What a compliment!

Photo Shoot at Home

My dear friend Kelly dropped by today and modelled with some of my bags - I'll be uploading them to my website in the near future! Thanks Kel!

02 November, 2006

Studio open day!

My studio was open to the public on Sunday and a huge thank you to everyone who came by! If you weren't able to make it, go to my website to see my current designs.
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