23 May, 2007

New resin paintings!

There is a house on the highway at Highfields (sounds like a song...) that often sells bunches of fresh proteas from a bucket for $5 each. So often I see them and plan to get some on the way home, but on the way home they're all gone. Well, finally I managed to stop and get two bunches of these gorgeous natives and I was inspired to paint them from life - which is new because most of my paintings come out of my head. And I'm really happy with how they turned out - and they're RESINNED! (see the reflections!??!) I am thinking that I may have finally found my 'thing'! I just love the way colours come to life under resin. My family isn't so happy about eating at the breakfast bench while yet another batch of paintings or lazy susan's dry, but ah, I love it!

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