16 October, 2007


I do like the word 'dream' - as seen in this tattoo inspired piece. And I also like the words 'nostril' and 'singlet' and 'sausage'... always have. Those might look a little stranger in a painting though. So for now, I'll stick with 'dream'.

I'd also like to draw your attention to a blog of an artist who's work I love. Her name is Tiel and you can see her blog here. Tiel's sister was in my senior year and I have watched her develop her style over the years - from afar. I've tried to upload an image - but I keep getting an error message, so please go and check out her site for yourself!

And these gorgeous baby shoes from New Zealand (available on etsy) and with a lovely blog link to tiny happy (so similar to 'shiny happy art' - might be why I like them so much).


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