29 March, 2008

The Grammar Art Show is on!

This is my completed triptych - called Ruthven I, II and III.
It's being exhibited at the Toowoomba Grammar Art Show right now, for $780.
It measures (from memory!) about 75cm square.
I was happy with the finished product, but the canvases have been hung in a staggered way at the show - it's a shame they were not hung straight as I intended.

These two paintings sold at the opening last night:

On the Beach 30 x 30cm

In the water, 30 x 30cm

And these are still available for $260 each:
And Kym Breeze will be opening the studio tomorrow for the first time in a while. Many of my paintings are on display at Lucy Victoria florist, 69 Herries Street, but there's plenty of Kym's work in the studio and my handbags are also available there tomorrow. It's been lovely to catch up with Nic Hohn again this weekend, and of course, my mind is now in overdrive again with dreams of the things I need to accomplish with my art. Exciting, as usual!

Here we are, Kym, Nic and Me!

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