12 October, 2008

Mural at hospital

This is the mural I completed LATE wed night - it's based on the Quentin Blake picture book, "Patrick", which I love - and is in the children's room at the Day Oncology Ward at the Toowoomba Base Hospital. I really enjoyed doing it and have 4 more planned for various rooms at the hospital.
This one features an 'amazing tree' and I hope the kids who have to lie on the bed for chemo, can lose themselves counting the cupcakes and other ridiculous things that are on the tree, and forget where they are, even for a moment.
The chicken is a little addition to a framed painting that is on the wall at the end of the bed.


  1. Lozzie was telling me all about the mural today and I couldn't wait to see it! Thanks for posting the pics - it is truly brilliant and I think the staff and patients will love it!

  2. I continue to blown away by your talent and impressed by how much you give. Now, I see why you are so busy!


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