24 November, 2006

Busy making hay

Well the sun's been shining and I'm busy making hay. Sold heaps of bags at the markets last week and have at least 5 more open days in the studio before Christmas! Heaps to do!


  1. Kym Bubbles Breeze7:47 pm

    Anna Hi there, I am glad your market day went well, I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!! I think I may become the blogger stalker and I have you and Nic to thank, Ha Ha, the bags I saw the other day when dropping of my paintings to your gallery look fantastic as do the paintings, you have been a busy girl...I did see Nic today and she did a great job, oh boy you two are great friends and inspire me to keep on keeping on...Will see you over the weekend... Good luck(not that you need it, remember to take a deep breath now and then.) Cheers and Congrates to you and yours, I am so so so Happy....Bubblesx x x


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