12 November, 2006

Cover Shots - not!

I had a couple of ideas for new shots for ads and the site today - modelling isn't all it's cracked up to be! I didn't end up using either of these shots, although I am happy that they show a lot of bags. (And I really like that red top!)


  1. You Are Beautiful!

  2. I love your paintings, Anna!! I'm going to be lurking from now on.

  3. Hi Anna,

    How beautiful to see all your joyful work. I had no idea! Prolific too.

    Thanks for your comment. You just confirmed my worst nightmare that someone noticed my lack of regular blogging. Never been one for consistency. Oh well.

    Hope to catch up again one day. Keep filling the world with your happy art. x kate

  4. Kym Breeze5:24 am

    Anna wow, you look so good, and it is great to see you blogging!!!! Love the finished painting for the foot baller....Man of the match hey??? well he is a foot baller!!!!!
    I will put your blog on to my site as a link, already have your web there, any way catch up soon. Great work, lots of love Kym Bubbles Breeze.....


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