16 September, 2008

Screenprinting - the next idea

My friend, Belinda, and I had a great day at Thea Samios' screenprinting workshop a couple of weeks ago! I've now done a few simple prints at home, and Thea and I have plans to work together on a few new projects. Watch this space! I also met the lovely and talented Angela from Cowboys and Cupcakes. A great way to spend the day, and Bin and I were able to talk about marketing and babies like we used to!


  1. It was a fantastic workshop wasnt it! So much information and so much fun, and great to talk to other artists/mothers about being creative and juggling those passions and parenting as well! Cheers Angela

  2. P.S. Thanks for the plug and link to my site. Still working with the web designers to get it finished, aiming for the end of Sept but I have so much content to write for the shopping cart, as well as painting, cooking, holding 17 y/o's hands while he has his tongue stitched back on (almost severed it in a basketball game, isnt it supposed to be a no-contact sport?)Oh the joys! On the upside I have committed to 12 months advertising with kidspot.com.au & NZ, also planned to be up by end of Sept. Cheers Anna...Angela


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