08 July, 2009

I so want to make this

I found this in the June issue of Sew Hip, from the UK (I bought the first issue but wasn't won over by the photos - and was on my 'no more magazines' budget kick for a while - but I've fallen off the wagon of late) and I can't wait to make this wrap. Hadn't heard of a 'jellyroll' of fabric before, but after a little research in the early morning after a feed and in front of more Michael Jackson TV, have found out it's a 'wheel' of thin fabric strips from a single collection. Absolutely love this idea though, but have a few things to do before I attempt it - but I will do it! It'd be great as a breastfeeding coverup too I think.

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  1. Hi Anna! Welcome back and congratulations! I've missed your last few posts but very glad to see you back on the blogisphere! This wrap looks seriously gorgeous! I didn't know what a jellyroll was either until the Craft & Stitches show in Brissie - I bought one from a stall holder. They called it a "Sweet Roll". Anyway, it's on my shelf - I just love looking at it - they're such beautiful things! Good luck with the wrap but take it easy too, you have your hands full! Thanks for a great post. :) K


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