14 July, 2009

Sophia's New Bed

This is my latest 'art' project. As the girls will be sharing a smallish room, David built a 'toddler bed' (using Sophia's cot mattress) for Sophia and I painted it. She loves gardens, so this is now her 'Garden Bed'.

We've had a dreadful time trying to get her to sleep lately, and although tonight was only the second night in the bed, things are improving.

I'll take another pic when I'm happy with the bedding. I have dreams of a lovely pale doona and gentle floral cover, but time seems to be against me these days. We'll see.

Would love to be able to make more furniture like this. David laminated two thick pieces of MDF together for the head and footboards of this bed and it's so heavy it'll survive anything. All we need is for it to survive Soph, and then her sister, until they are both in full sized beds. About 5 years or so. Should be fine.


  1. Wow! What a lucky little girl. I remember my son wouldn't go to sleep either when his sister came along. It's a big adjustment for them but he finally relaxed when baby sister left our room and slept in his.

  2. Looks great Anna. Really lovely.
    Claudia has been a pain with sleeping - so we put her back in her cot last night and got a good 6 hours sleep! We had put her in a bed when we moved back in but it wasn't working out.


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