18 August, 2009

Mind Games

I used to quite like our 'grown ups corner'. Now this is my 'before' photo.
Having read this book, apparently this is normal.

I have very little time, get very little sleep, but my mind is full of crafty and arty things that I NEED to do!

These fabrics were an etsy purchase many years ago and are going to become a quilt for Sophia's new bed. Now, I've never been a quilter, but I'm telling you I'm not interested in a pattern and it's GOING to work. (What is going on in my head?!!)

This is the book that is going to help me do the quilt... and the new cushions.

This is hopefully what Beth will be doing while the other things happen.
This is what will probably be happening while I'm trying to do these other things.
These are the BEAUTIFUL Anna Maria Horner fabrics that are going to become our new cushions.
And that's the plan for today. Right now though, I need to feed some hungry kids.

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  1. Ahhh, many beautiful 'things' in your home. xoxox


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