29 August, 2009

Mural Started

I haven't had a mammogram yet myself, but the room looked very clinical and bare before I started. Definitely not reflecting the warmth of the people I met that worked at the Breastscreen Unit.
I only had a few hours to work on it on Friday afternoon, so I concentrated on getting the linework up and adding as many quirky little people as I could. Anything to make it pleasantly distracting for the ladies having their boobs squashed in the machine, or waiting for the results of other important tests.

If you look closely you can just see the pale aqua that I started painting in this last photo. I managed to get the whole background painted in aqua before I left, but as I folded up my apron my phone fell out of my pocket and I thought it had broken so I couldn't take another photo. (I've managed to get it working again now though - thanks David!)
The lights are kept quite dim in this room when it's in use, so this mural will be an exercise in keeping things 'light' - a bit of a change for me.
I think I'll need at least 2 more sessions to add colour, highlights and final details, so I'll keep you up to date as the job progresses.
Artists in Gardens Project
Today I met with the team from the Avant Gardens - Artists in Gardens project. About 9 artists will be painting on easels in the Queens Park Gardens during the upcoming Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers. Weather permitting, I'll be in the park on Saturday 19 Sept 12:30-3:30, Sunday 20 Sept 9:30-12:30, Wed 23 Sep 9:30-3:30 and Sat 26 Sep 12:30-3:30. I'll be painting and have plenty of things for sale, including Art Tags, brand new block prints, teatowels and greeting cards. I do enjoy painting in public - I have no inclination to act or perform in any other way, but paintingin front of people is just terrifying enough to be exciting in a wierd way.
I'll also have paintings in the "Flower Food and Wine Festival" tent, in an exhibition by the members of the Toowoomba Art Society. I usually sell well in this quality exhibition and I'm working on finishing entries for that now so I can have my form in by the end of this week.
Busy busy as usual, but I really enjoy this time of the year, and I'm ready to produce some new work that I'm proud of and make some sales to spread the joy!


  1. Hi Anna, I will love seeing this mural in progress! Loving your new gift cards too. Thanks so much for your lovely comments

  2. How lovely that you get to add some sparkle to such a sombre room. I wish many more medical clinics would commission beautiful murals.
    I can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. Hi Anna. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I have 2 boys and then 2 girls aswell, and know how nice it is to suddenly be getting into girly things after boy stuff! Great looking mural.


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