27 August, 2009

A Sewing Bender

OK. I'm really tired tonight, so this will be a quick catch up.

I've been on a sewing bender. I've got this affliction that I just have to do the projects that are in my head or I can't sleep. And I've got to do as much as I can while I have the sewing machine out (on the kitchen table at the moment) because it's a pain to rearrange everything all the time.
So, here are six of my new cushions that I really loved sewing! I even made cord piping for the first time and it worked! Great instructions in "Bend the Rules Sewing" by Amy Karol, and the fabric is from the inspirational Anna Maria Horner.
This is where I'm up to with Sophia's new quilt. It's my first quilt and it's adapted from the "Easy Lap Quilt" pattern in "Bend the Rules Sewing", and I think this is definitely the right time for me to be doing "Easy" quilts - all those fancy patchworky ones (many of which I love) will have to wait to be attempted years from now.
This one is pretty basic, very home made and I only have the handstitching of the binding yet to do. The fabric was from Sew Love Fabric's etsy shop a few years ago. The wadding is made from bamboo, which I'm sure isn't that unusual, but I love the light weight of it. Perfect for our weather. Really happy with how this is working out. Some puckering, some wonky lines, but definitely made with late at night love.
My new Art Tags have also arrived - these two peacocks will be packaged up in 10's and go into the shop in the next few days. I'm so happy with how the gold on the original paintings reproduced, and these will look fantastic as gift tags or place cards or note cards - they measure 5.5 x 9cm and will retail for about $4 a pack of 10.
Tomorrow I make a start on the mammogram room mural, so wish me luck!
Bub's stirring so duty calls. Good night all.


  1. Love, Love your cushions. Are they going into your grown up room? And have always loved your peacocks.Love and Hugs dear friend xoxox

  2. Loved the cushions i have that book and didnt know she taught cord piping.

    Need to get working on that book lovely quilt btw :)

    I found your blog on blogged so happy that i did such a great blog


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