05 August, 2009

Some art - finally!

This week I've finished two small canvases for the Downlands Art Show this weekend - I'll be exhibiting 6 paintings all up, and they used one of my paintings from last year in this year's promotions, which was nice.

And I've sketched and painted 8 new 'guardian angel' greeting cards that will hit the Shiny Happy Art online shop in the next few days. Today I photographed them all - the boys' piano teacher asked if we were renovating again - I'd turned the office upside down trying to find the best place to shoot them. Ended up doing it outside - I should have done that from the start!

And hooray, hooray, I've joined the 21st century and have a new phone! And it's costing me no more than I've been paying every month anyway. It's touchscreen and has an 8M camera with a flash - so far I love it. I feel like a grown up!

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