15 September, 2009

Stage 2 of Mural

I was able to spend some more time on the mural in the Mammogram Room at the Breast Screen Unit again last Friday, and I got one side finished - with one more session to go, in about a fortnight's time.
Here are some progress shots of the left hand side. I really enjoyed doing this and am delighted with how it's turning out.


  1. I would love to have one of your murals painted on my wall. One day...

  2. So beautiful... wouldn't it be nice if all of our hospitals had pretty and uplifting murals.

  3. Oh Anna, It is beautiful...I want one in my house!
    And you do all this with 4 children??? OMG Woman you are amazing!

  4. I'm another Anna and am so glad you have done such an uplifting mural. I had to have radiation treatment a couple of years ago and having a mural on the ceiling with lots of butterflies as though looking up through a gazebo really helped to take my mind off the process. I am sure yours will be of great benefit to all the patients and staff too.


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