09 September, 2009

Too much practice

I am LOVING these Emergency Cookies!
This afternoon I made a batch for the kids (adding peanuts and white choc chips instead of M&Ms) and did up another 2 jars ready for the next emergency. Freakily enough I measured out the butter EXACTLY in just one scoop. Way too much baking being done around here for that to happen.
Josh made a batch last week from the jar I kept for home - oh, how much easier is it to cook with him when all the dry ingredients are in one jar!
Can't believe we didn't think of this years ago!


  1. Excellent idea! Just like a home-made cake mix. Just add wet ingredients.

  2. love to try your bickies and ejoy a cup of tea with you, darling Anna!

  3. that is the absolute best idea! I have seen this done before & love that you have called them emergengy cookies.


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