03 December, 2009

Creative Space Thursday

Two creative spaces today. Firstly an ironing board full of calico gift bags, handpainted for Christmas.

The first two were needed as teacher gifts - yes! Summer holidays have begun for us here!

The second space is the beginnings of 'Mamma Bear', a pattern from Carly Schwerdt of nest studio.

And of course, while my back was turned doing this, guess what S was up to...

She stayed like that till dinner and loved every minute. Thank goodness Crayola felt pens wash off so easily!

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  1. Lucky teachers receiving those gorgeous bags!
    sounds like an ad for crayola :) no matter what, they are adorable though aren't they.
    hope you have a great Friday Anna ♥

  2. rofl!! Oh, I so recognise that situation...

    And what gorgeous teacher gifts! It just sounds so strange that you're talking about summer holidays while we're shivering in the icy wind here in the UK...

  3. lovely gift bags!

  4. So many gorgeous things Anna! I laughed out loud when I saw the last photo... it's always the way, isn't it?! :) K

  5. Those bags are so bright & cheerful - did you send the kidlets to school with vino then...?! ;)

    What is it with wee ones & drawing on themselves..? Le Punk would rather draw on herself than anthing else - in my creative space pic of her little chubby legs at the beach you can see pen scrawled all over her knee...!!!

  6. love your creative space. And S is adorable.

  7. hi anna~ thanks for your comment.
    a nice space you have there ~ and great gifts you are making. cute pic too!!
    i got very excited when i noticed your art supplies shop, i love golden paints!!

  8. Hi Anna,

    Just stumbled across your website after I saw your comment on Taste.com.au. Wow, your work is amazing! I would love one of your aprons! How cute are those bettsy kingston ruffle pants! I have made a few of them too. Look forward to seeing what you are up to in the future!


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