22 December, 2009

Some softies for Christmas

These two partying Mamma Bears designed by Carly Schwertz from the Softies book, were made by my 11 year old friend Taylah, as Christmas gifts for herself and her little cousin, using a tshirt that belonged to her wonderful grandmother, Nell, who died just over a year ago. Taylah's just started embroidery (see the little cross necklace?) and is really enjoying it. Will have to get her a Sublime Stitching kit one day soon.

This little lady (photographed by my long suffering husband, out in the lovely rain we've been having) is a Christmas gift for my little 6 month old, and has been Christened "Doris".

And here are the three of them, just hanging out together. Waiting for an eligible man-bear, perhaps. Or not.


  1. Lauren3:50 pm

    Very cute - I am glad you got this project completed and you are passing on your addictions to Taylah.

  2. cute!!! and very talented friend you have there Anna.

    hugs for the new year ♥

  3. Mmm, Baileys ;) Cute bears lines up in a row... I especially like the little custom touches! A beaded necklace here, loops for a paper umbrella there...


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