31 December, 2009

End of the year

Following on from a conversation with Leisl at Hoppo Bumpo - here is a pic of my unfinished Christmas Project Bags. Including that lovely Christmas dress with the reindeer on it that I had planned for S to wear on Christmas Day. Luckily I've got another daughter to grow into it so it's not a totally lost cause. Better make that soon though before I forget (that's the beauty of these project bags - they make me finish things before I start new ones - I'm easily distracted these days).

The stuffed birds that I made for a couple of friends from the spool downloadable freebie got mixed responses ("so that's a bird?") so I lost a bit of momentum there. And one little goddaughter-to-be won't be wearing her frilly pants this New Year. Perhaps by Australia Day?

And maybe my oldest son will get his pyjama shorts before the end of summer...

One thing I did get done just last night was a cover for my Collins Week to a Page Diary. I've tried a few different diaries over the last couple of years but I keep coming back to this $8 one from the newsagent. But I wanted to surround 2010 in Anna Maria Horner fabric (she's a real inspiration to me) - so I've been working it all out in my head, and trawling other tutorials to help me come up with what I want (including a pen pocket, inside pockets and an elastic to hold the whole thing together).

I'll work on a tutorial for this diary cover over the next little while.

We're having a quiet NYE here tonight, with a game of Cluedo and a bit of Shawn Micallef's show planned, with a few friends for lunch tomorrow. There are resolutions floating around my head that will be committed to paper before midnight and the new Remo Wallplanner (click below) is on the dinner table, ready to have some phone numbers added to it before it's blutacked up on the pantry doors.

Get REMO Tempus Fugit WallPlanner 2010 from REMO General Store

Thanks for all your interest and support this year. See you in 2010!


  1. Love your diary cover. Thats a great idea - it looks really lovely.

    Wishing you a happy new year Anna (one with more hours in each day, especially round December - I think we all need that!)

  2. Anna, I always have this dilemma when then new year ticks over.it just has to be the 'right' one. i ended up with a boring old black one last year....shall come back for your tute on this one!

  3. oooh me too! I love shopping for diaries and as a result I went overboard and now have 3! One has a day to a page, one has a week to a page and the other has a month to a page (more like a calender) I also received a couple of lovely calenders for Christmas. So I have no excuse this year to miss any appointments!
    Looking forward to your tutorial to 'pretty' them all up!


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