10 December, 2009

Creative Space Thursday

My boys have been away, so while I've been exhausted by these two gorgeous little girls, one upside is that it has been a pretty creative week. I'm still commandeering the dinner table for my art and craft projects as no dinner has needed to be eaten at the table all week!

I had a dear friend come and stay a few nights and she encouraged me to pop this pic on the blog. Basically I have a long list of projects that I want to get done. So I spent a couple of sessions just cutting out the fabric required for everything and then basically making up kits (including patterns, elastic, etc) for each project.

These are my current project bags:

I'm hoping this way I can at least put the fabrics away, and just leave the sewing machine and associated paraphernalia out until I've achieved what I can before the boys get back. I'd be delirious if I thought I'd get them all done, as I'm also planning to get a bit of sleep over the next few nights. But hey, it's a plan!

Here is my 'Claudia Frilly Pants Project' Bag before:

And here is the finished item:

The 'Maya's Frilly Pants Project' is also done! (Love these Heather Bailey fabrics!)

And because I needed to visit our brand new Spotlight store to buy elastic, I spotted this apron panel, that I'm going to make into a Christmas dress for my daughter using a Oliver & S's free downloadable Popover Sundress pattern. That project bag's still full, but the pattern seems pretty simple so it'll be done soon. And by mentioning that here, I'm even more accountable. Thanks readers! I'll also be doing a new diary cover, kids apron and shorts. Just going with the flow...

Hope you've had a creative week. For the last list of Creative Spaces for this year, head over to kootooyoo.


  1. Hi Anna, sounds like my creative space . the dining table, floor or coffee table! You look very organised . love the frillies!

  2. Packing them into ready-to-go bags is an awesome idea! No mess and then you only have the fun part left to do.

  3. Such a simple but brilliant idea to put everything in little packs. I love it and really need to do that myself... Christine xo

  4. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Does the word "Manic" mean anything to you my dear friend...LOL Well November has come and gone and we still have not had coffee...will try to ctach you soon, did leave a message on the phone some time back...all cool will call you again...big hugs happy creating...and lots of love..xxx

  5. Great pattern link for the sundress! I am going to give it go myself (well at least put it on my to do list). Then we can be accountable to each other. Thanks for including it in your post

  6. You are being organised! Great idea making up the kits! Those little frilly pants are soooooooo cute! Loving your work....

  7. I am envious and amazed at how organised you are. I love the idea of putting projects in bags with all the bits in, might try to organise myself a bit like that....thanks for the inspiration

  8. Oh Anna.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE your little bags idea. So neat and organised. It's like a written "To Do" list but much prettier!

    The Frilly Pants are just gorgeous. I hope that a few more bags are now empty!


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