28 January, 2010

Chicken Tonight

Had Tandoori Chicken from this book for dinner tonight. Delicious. Sorry, no photo. Arms full of babies.

I bought this book for my sister for Christmas and now Jane Kennedy has a blog and is reproducing some of her recipes on it. So click here if you'd like to see a little more.

I like the way in the book she credits some of the recipes to Jamie Oliver (and perhaps others, I'm not sure) and the way she writes is fabulous. Down to earth ("You say you can't cook. What are you? A baby?") and entertaining ("Boombah - food that makes your arse huge").

Just a little community service.

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  1. That's so funny - I remember her from TV... what was that comedy show called? The same people who did Fast Forward... maybe she was on FF too... Oh this memory thing drives me crazy! Have a great dinner :) K


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