28 January, 2010

Photos that tell a story

Here's a story about a really expensive lunch box that is designed so that you don't have to use any packaging - and that makes it better for the environment... and yet it breaks after the first use! I'm going to email the company on this one and I'll report back.

Here's the one about the 11 year old who now proudly mows the lawn... but occasionally has some trouble with the mechanics of it all.

Love the expression!

And here's the story about the second egg. Held ever so carefully in two year old hands. And only dropped once before it got cooked and eaten. Delicious!


  1. Oh Anna... that mowing pic is GOLD!!!

  2. Oh I was going to get that very same lunch box but realised I had way too much Tupperware!!!

    I lvoe the picture with the egg...gorgeous!

  3. Oh my, I nearly cried when I saw that face! So scared and worried at having possibly wrecked the lawn mower! What a treasure. All so very lovely Anna. How lucky we are :) K

  4. OMG I have ditched that $13 lunchbox too, the clicking closed tab doesent click closed...and that was only while I was making his lunch for his very first day of school ever! Groan!
    Thank god I had a back-up...but not environmentally friendly as I have to used clip lock bags...Boo Hoo Smash Lunchboxes!
    Cheers Anna!

  5. Anna, loving the new look! and your pics are looking so very amazing.
    gorgeous egg pic


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