10 January, 2010

to sleep, perchance to dream...

NB. This pic is not from last night.

Last night was a doozy.

First baby had to be put to sleep about 5 times. She just keeps waking up. She does have a top tooth coming though, but even with panadol the little one just wouldn't stay settled. Then the toddler came into our bed at 2am, then the 8 year old was up with tears 'just scared'. So I reassured him, left more lights on, moved the toddler back to her bed, then the bub was awake again. I fed her to sleep in bed (my falling asleep on the lounge while feeding her is getting a little predictable) because I could fit her there (the toddler is usually there these days) which is where she stayed until morning. Not the most comfortable night.

So, that's given me the strength to finally teach this gorgeous last baby of mine to fall asleep in her cot. And here, at 10.45am, I'VE JUST PUT HER DOWN FOR A SLEEP IN HER COT. I realise that shouldn't be impressive. But she's been a hopeless day time sleeper and I feel like I'm pinned under children all day at the moment (toddler S is having a stage of clingyness and jealousy), and she's at granmas this morning, so I'M FREE!

But just in case it's only for a moment or two, I can't stay here - there are things to do!

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  1. I feel your pain! My baby (11 months) has all 4 front teeth fighting to come down at the same time and he is whingy and clingy and his daytime sleeps are all up in the air!

    45 mins ain't too bad - least you had a chance to blog!!


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