05 January, 2010


Geez - it's the 7th already! School holidays definitely make the days fuller and less predictable - hence the lack of blogging around here. I have been reading a few blogs though, as I try and build the text for my first blog of the year, but hey, one of my plans for this year is to let go of my quest for perfection, resist the idea that I'm being constantly judged, and just do things.

So here, in all my imperfections, I go.

Here are a few of my plans for the coming year (in no particular order - which is probably obvious!)
  • to really 'see' - noticing reflections (see our playground in my son's eye above?), negative spaces, colours and tones, and sketch/doodle more
  • to enjoy every minute that I have with the two wonderful little girls I have here at home
  • to make time to have a cuppa with my husband each day, and kiss him goodnight each night
  • to do a business plan for Shiny Happy Art (I totally know how - I just have to DO IT)
  • to do a course and learn Adobe Dreamweaver and Illustrator
  • to spend time with my kids individually
  • to lose 30kgs (it's started!)
  • to focus on a project at a time and prioritise distractions
  • to illustrate the two books I have been given text for (believe it or not, Emma!)
  • to work small, but creatively, on canvases for the TGS and Downlands Art Shows
  • to finish paintings for my dear (older than me!) friends who turn 40 this year
  • to be calm
  • to teach my kids how to work with me and help keep the house liveable - not perfect - liveable
  • to document at least 5 new tutorials for my blog
  • to complete a Project 365 challenge - a photo a day - and make a photo book from it
  • to finish and have printed a photobook for the year 2009 (also started!)
... now I'm on a roll, I think I could go on and on!

Best not to or it'll all seem too much.

Right now I have to order school books for one child that is finishing primary school this year (how exciting for him and his amazing eyes) and the other that moves into Year 4, with more responsibility, project work and maturity required. It'll be a big year for him.

And I have have have to finish the thank you cards (the design of which has percolated and is now ready to be printed) for the lovely people who sent gifts for the now 7 month old (how embarrassing). It's a very high priority, and you read it here, they'll be done by next Thursday 14th Jan (we're off to a 40th in Sydney on the Friday, so that's a nice deadline).

OK, now my 'first post' hurdle has been jumped and the blog year is christened. I'll do that diary cover tute soon and I'll try and make this an interesting and useful space for you to stop and visit. Say hi and I'll be extra motivated (Marissa?)!

Bub's awake, off I go...

HAPPY 2010!


  1. Happy 2010! I didn't make any resolutions this year, but if I did "to let go of my quest for perfection, resist the idea that I'm being constantly judged, and just do things" would be top of my list :) The photo book sounds like a fabulous idea & I'm looking forward to the tutes!

  2. Hi Anna, happy new year! These sound like great plans for the 2010.
    I love the first one - it's so easy to get caught up and not notice your surroundings. I'm guilty of this too.
    As for the software courses for Dreamweaver and Illustrator - Have you checked out http://www.lynda.com/
    It's really cheap compared to taking classes at your local TAFE and you can do it at your own pace 24/7. I often sign up for a month when I want to brush up my software skills.The video tutorials have always been really great and easy to follow.
    Allison xx

  3. all the very best Anna!
    quite a list but it's great when you see things already started.
    have a fabulous 2010.
    hugs ♥

  4. Marissa8:04 pm

    Happy New Year Anna!! Thanks for the mention in your post! I have some similar resolutions but I will add the extra one...."to say hi @Shiny Happy Thoughts more often". I love visiting your blog spot - very inspirational to see a busy Mum achieving gorgeous projects. Promise to email you pic of Sienna's pop over sundress soon. Enjoy Sydney and remainder of school holidays! Marissa xx


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