06 November, 2009

Creative Space Thursday

Oh, what a mess! But this was my only creative outlet yesterday...

It's been a bit frantic around here this week, so this is how it really was last night - no styling, no tidying, no time! I had to make 2 dozen muffins for the school swimming carnival, plus I had a need to try cooking granola, plus dinner was underway, and this was just how it was. And I would have posted it on Thursday (as it is Kootooyoo's 'creative space Thursday' after all), but we had a big storm and no internet, hence the delay.But I felt ok, because I was wearing my special 'Prints Charming' apron...
And the muffins turned out ok (chocolate and banana cinnamon).
And the granola - oh, delicious! Thanks so much to Mel for the recipe!Will be loading some new paintings onto the site tonight. Stay tuned. Bub's crying, got to run!


  1. I really don't know how you do it all?!? BTW.. the new profile pic doesn't even look like you. Is it you?

  2. I'm so pleased the granola was a success :-)

    I tried replying by email but it bounced back...? Never mind, gave me the excuse to visit you here again :-)

  3. Now that's a familiar scene.


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