14 November, 2009

They worked!

By following the advice of Cathie, the incredible happened. I actually managed to get these beautiful flower cakes out of their bundt cake tin - without sticking - and therefore still looking like flowers. Admittedly it wasn't rocket science, and I sprayed the tin with more cooking spray than ever before, (below) but they still tasted great and the tin (bought from Peters of Kensington - another handy online shop FYI Robbie W) will now start paying for itself.

These flowers adorned the christening cake of my new god-daughter, but alas, I have no photo. The cake is a Moist Coconut Cake from a Women's Weekly recipe - I've done this cake in my particular way about 4 times now (layered with passionfruit icing and fresh roses), so I'll try to find a photo and post it here soon.

From an art point of view, I've handpainted 4 more aprons and will photograph tomorrow and upload to the shop. I also have an idea for a handpainted cushion so will catalogue the progress of that as well. Stay tuned...


  1. Cute! I'm so glad they worked!

  2. they look fabulous!
    i'm making christening cupcakes & cake for my new godson in a couple of weeks & have no idea what flavour I should go for.
    your flavours sound light & summery, love it. you need to show us a pic.

  3. those look CUTE! I'm always nervous about whether those sorts of things will come out of their tins!

  4. Holy moly - you're raising the bar! And here's me busy feeling chuffed all over the place when my coconut cake comes out looking more convex than concave!


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