16 November, 2009

My Cake

As requested, this is a pic of Moist Coconut Cake (from a Women's Weekly recipe) a la Me.

Neither of these pics are from my most recent effort at a Christening Cake, but I have to say they are remarkably similar (right down to the cake plate - actually from Ezibuy years ago, and every time I use it it makes me smile). This incarnation above, is from my dear friend, Helen's, 40th birthday lunch. I assembled it at Jo's place, and it contains the main cake on the bottom, then a small round cake on top, drowned in passionfruit icing, then dotted with my bundt cake flowers (or flower-like lumps, see two posts ago), dusted with icing sugar and topped off with real roses from that nice rose farm up the road.

This is a very similar cake from a more aerial angle, made for my daughter's Christening (which was also her first birthday and so she actually had two cakes, the other was white chocolate decorated to match the ikea fabric table runner I had made). As you can see I couldn't get pink roses that day and these little beauties were from Coles. There was something sort of fun about cutting the heads off the roses, I have to admit.

And this is a photo that I love of Helen at her birthday, holding S, and she hates her photo being taken so I know she's going to TOTALLY FREAK OUT when she sees it - but I'm prepared to take that because I love it and she's gorgeous, and the reflection of Suzanne is really cool.

PS. this cake is delicious warm, with cream and a strawberry. Mmmmm.

PPS. Will stop cooking and start painting again soon. But we have a few ear infections on the go here and I'm off to bed now, because in all probability I'll be woken at least five times tonight - so Helen, when you ring about that photo, be kind. My head is fuzzy.


  1. I agree.... W.O.W...


  2. That cake is DIVINE! wow. so pretty too pretty to eat!!


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