13 November, 2009

Photoshop Tip that really works!

I have to confess I often gently 'touch up' any half decent photos of me, in my quest for my kids to think that I didn't look that bad during these exhausting childbearing years. Just a little bit of teeth brightening, maybe a spot removed, perhaps a thigh slimmed - just a little... Not every photo by any means, but maybe those that are album worthy. (Geez, it sounds so vain - it's definitely not a top priority, but I have to admit it does happen. Anyone else want to confess?)

Anyway, I get a weekly email from istockphoto, and today's included this tip by Lesa Snider. If you're a photoshop user you may be interested.

And I quote:

Photoshop: Flabby chin fix

Believe it or not, you can suck the life out of a flabby chin with the Pinch filter. It sounds gross, but it makes a huge difference and only takes a few seconds. Just duplicate the original layer by pressing Command-J (Ctrl-J on a PC) and make a rough selection, the Lasso tool works well, that includes the offending flab and some of the surrounding detail.

Choose Filter > Distort > Pinch and, in the resulting dialog box, enter 20 in the Amount field, and then click OK. If you need to pinch it a little more, press Command-F (Ctrl-F on a PC) to run the filter again at the same settings. Easy, huh?

Lesa Snider, founder of GraphicReporter.com, is iStockphoto's Chief Evangelist and the author of Photoshop CS4: The Missing Manual.


I just tried it for a side on neck and it worked! A definite improvement. But I won't post pics because my example was still a pretty unflattering shot.

OK, back to your usual programming. I have parcels to pack and aprons to paint!


  1. I Fess up!Does wonders for the 'Pelican' chin

  2. The pinch feature sounds great. Don't really need help in the chin department but I certainly even out skin tone and make those dark cirles under my eyes disappear! There, I've fessed up too.

  3. Misspelt 'circles' in comment above but you knew what I meant.

  4. Ha! I confess!! I always remove this red spot i have on the end of my nose! Also any little dots on my face, i have yet to do the nip/tuck with the pinch tool on the thighs though!


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