01 November, 2009

We don't do Halloween here

After years of telling my boys that we don't do Halloween, circumstances conspired that little J was to have some friends over for a backyard campout, and that their parents may as well stay for dinner, and would you know it, it happens to be Halloween.

So in some sort of insane idea about adding atmosphere, I attempted to make these beautiful 'Spider Bites' as per Bakerella's instructions here.

Needless to say, she probably didn't have toddlers with fevers, babies with snuffles so that I allow myself to be a human dummy, and a need for speed. Not that sort of speed, just that anything I make these days has to be quick. Or I'll get distracted and forget vital ingredients (like sugar) or that it's in the oven (hmmm, what's that smell?), or the microwave (a little surprise when you open the door the next day) ...

So, I thought I'd save time and bought some mini muffin things to use as the cakey insides of the spiders (I've gone so off packet mixes and premade stuff lately that it was a big thing to give in to time constraints), dipped them in melted chocolate and made do with Australian lollies that I thought would do the trick, and this is what happened...





Ta dah!

Definitely going with a 'horror' theme. Without Bakerella's to compare them to, they were fun, but won't be done again. I made about 11 and had had enough. So the remaining balls became hairy eyeballs or something equally scary. My hat is off to people with the patience for this sort of thing, and superior photography skills, who inspire the rest of us to attempt bizarre leaps of the finger food sort.

Now, little J and his mates did sleep out the back (eventually) and then made it known that they were awake at about 5am, so J has just had a FOUR HOUR afternoon sleep. Incredible. But boy, did he need it. And S decided she was sick and asked to put her pyjamas back on, and B is still totally clingy and snuffly, but they still photograph well (those are ink stamps on S's face). Lovely things.

Now, if you want to read a little about an inspirational artist, there's info about Susan King here. I can't seem to get onto her website, but I've just seen some of her work on Sunday Arts and it's fantastic.

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  1. ohhh no, you really did have alot to deal with and those cake pops are definitely NOT easy to make!
    good on you for the attempt, i'm sure the kiddlies would have loved them.
    hope you have a wonderful november Anna ♥


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