16 June, 2010

A bit about cake

For my sister's benefit (she'll be moving closer soon, so she'll get to see it all for real), this was the inside of the 'morning' birthday cake last Friday -

(I don't know why you don't see more Spongebob plates used for styling.) Looks like a burger, but it's two cakes (orange and choc-orange) split and sandwiched with melted strawberry jam and buttercream (that was in the fridge too long and was very hard to spread).

Then I tried to make dark choc ganache, but it's for a one-year-old, so I used (cheaper) compound chocolate, and it wasn't really sweet enough, so I added icing sugar ... and it set in the bowl like cement. So I made milk-choc ganache, which was a light brown (hmmm), but I soldiered on and iced the cake, topping it with mini marshmallows, but that didn't 'do' it either. So I mixed up a batch of plain old ordinary chocolate icing (using cocoa) and iced it again, over the ganache and then added the marshmallows again, in a flower pattern, with yellow M&M centres.

By this stage it was looking nothing like my original plan, so I did the usual, and disguised it with shredded coconut.  Tadaaaah!

It looked like some sort of hairy, wookie, alien thing by now. But it did the trick (ie. held a candle) and (thankfully) tasted great. Here's a cross-section (in case you're still reading...).

I went with a similar idea when icing the main 'after dinner' birthday cake -

It actually smelt a lot like an iced vovo in the end. Lovely combo of jam, marshmallow and coconut.

B liked it!

She didn't mind the lamb shanks for dinner, either.

Happy First Birthday B! It's fun having you around!


  1. where did that year go... a delicious cake for a delicious girl! Happy B Day B!

  2. mmmm, an iced vovo cake - sounds lovely! glad you persevered through all the icing challenges!

  3. Marissa9:22 pm

    Happy belated birthday little B! Anna, the cakes look delightful. I particularly love the "mosaic" mini marshmallow pattern on the square creation. Have a great week...

  4. Hilarious Anna! Glad Beth had a good day. Evie had a lovely day - a little party the week before, and she's walking!

  5. Yum that sounds amazing, I love that cake.


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