07 June, 2010

One on one with my baby

Have just spent a lovely three days alone with my baby (literally, my very-nearly-one-year-old baby - nothing romantic happening here, folks), and the only time we left the house to go further than the chook shed, was to the doctor (because she hasn't been well, poor love). But we did have a particularly happy moment in the bathroom mirror as I attempted to get a photo for the project that I'm a little behind on.

How sweet it was to move at her pace. She slept when she was tired, we spent quite a lot of time putting 3D glasses on each other and chuckling, I fed her slowly and un-distractedly (that should be a word) with no others to attend to, and I got through a few things on my to-do list so that things will go a little more smoothly this week.

One was lunch-box baking. I had two overripe bananas so this is what we made:

Nanaberry muffins. They are delicious! Didn't even mash the bananas actually (they were pretty soft tho). A nice change from cupcakes, and I made them a good size so the boys will be pleased. And in an effort to do a little more drawing in my day-to-day, here's the recipe if you're keen... (click image to see larger).

I also did all the laundry (altho since the four travellers are now home the cycle starts again), ironing and folding (it really is an achievement these days) and while the bulk of my home still looks, well, lived in, here I'd like to show one of the tiny pockets of intense organisation:

Yep, I've named all the tops of the spice bottles. A whim that took me when I realised we were all out of cumin. And yet amazingly have three bottles of cinnamon and four of allspice. And there just happened to be a liquid paper pen on the bench. What can I say? That is synergy.

(Note - I've just reread this and think perhaps I should get out and go further than the chook shed occasionally....)

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  1. sometimes it's just so nice to be chilled and go no further than the shed though :)

    I love the image of you and your daughter in the mirror! Such a lovely captured moment.


  2. I love the hand-drawn recipe! Makes me 10xmore likely to try it myself :)

  3. Hey there my dear friend...its the small things that make the difference! xoxox

  4. Nothing wrong with the chook shed. It is the highlight of M's day. Sometimes the nest should be the thing that nurtures you not just the thing you fly from...

  5. I love the way you have written up the recipe, fab!


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