24 June, 2010

My Creative Space - sharpening my skills

After all the lovely encouraging comments last week, combined with a terrific weekend away BY MYSELF at some lively 40th's, I've been itching to bring a few more ideas to life as papercuts. This was last night's effort...

I had a two hour drive home on Sunday night, and when I parked in the garage I had to write down notes about all the ideas that were in my head - isn't it amazing what a little peace can do?

Of course, since I've got home the creative pace has slowed somewhat, and today I've actually lost internet access on my laptop (why does this happen?) so maybe that's the Universe telling me it's time to do some folding.

Tomorrow - a recipe that I'm working on for 'Black Forest Pikelets' ... they're not quite right yet, but we're close.

For today, head over to Kirsty's at Kootooyoo for more creative spaces!


  1. Your papercutting is amazing Anna. So beautiful!

  2. Oh wow Anna - that's amazing!

    Great that you've had some time to yourself to think and hopefully some time now to create more.

  3. That is beautiful. I so envy the patience it takes to do paper cuts.

  4. Oh my GOSH Anna!! This is stunning! I missed the first one you did - just scrolled back to look at it - it's just amazing too! You clearly have steadier hands than I do lol... xx

  5. Brilliant work! Can't wait to see what your brain has come up with!

  6. where did you get the patients for this? you are an amazing woman!

  7. The papercuts are looking fab!


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