10 June, 2010

My Creative Space

The sewing space has all been put away, and I'm still to finish sorting out my sewing 'room', and nothing more can be done until the tafe assignments are finished. But today this arrived...

It's a Pettiskirt Kit from The Haby Goddess. I plan to make it for S's 3rd birthday next month. It looks so lovely all wrapped up - wish me luck.

Otherwise today, we've been baking for B's first birthday tomorrow.

Small cakes for a very small (one friend) visit in the morning, cupcakes for school lunches and a bigger 'marble' cake for after dinner with the family tomorrow. Haven't quite decided how to ice them... am leaning towards a choc ganache covered in mini-marshmallow flowers... we'll see. (Any sort of special icing effort is mainly for my satisfaction (and yours!) - let's face it.)

Of course, when there's this sort of creating going on, I'm now heading off to clear this space here...

... when what I really want to be doing is cutting out the papercut artwork I'm making to mark B's first year. Hmmm.

On another tangent, I love the colours in the 'Little Princess' cartoon on the ABC and today realised the voices are done by Julian Clary and Jane Horrocks. Fantastic. I'll enjoy it even more now.

Hope you're having a terrific week, and please head off to enjoy some more creative spaces over at Kootooyoo.


  1. Ooh my goodness that all looks sooo yummy. And good luck with the skirt I bet it will be fantastic...

    I have delegated the dish washing to the 12yr old. Oh how lovely it can be to have older children haha..

  2. the cakes look fab - they're making me want to do some baking (maybe tomorrow as it is time to persuade small people that they should be heading towards bed!). Love the parcel of sewing goodness too!

  3. What a wonderful photo of those gorgeous cakes! You have been super busy. Good luck in finishing all your grand plans for the little one's birthday Anna :) Kx

  4. You're such a busy bee Anna! I wish i had half your energy. I think i need to take a leaf out of Amanda's book re the dishwashing!
    Have a great day with your little one. Love = baking up a storm! :)
    Bye x

  5. hope you're having a great day - love your forward planning with cakes sized for every occasion!

  6. hi anna, stopping by via flying lessons, im a friend of nic's and i live just down the road from you :)) so lovely to make the connection with another like minded soul in the local area xx

  7. don't u just love cupcakes? i just played at a wedding where instead of a cake, they served cupcakes. so convenient and cute!

    found you thru flying lessons. so fun to stumble upon cute blogs like yours. thanks! :)


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