15 June, 2010

Just quickly

Baked this lovely thing yesterday -

It's a Orange and Vanilla Upside Down Cake (a Donna Hay Seasons recipe) baked in the oven in the frypan. Have never made anything like it before, and it was lovely, but I wish we'd had some cream to serve with it.

And this is a painting experiment that I really hope will work -

I'll let you know! Just got to finish these assignments....!


  1. Oh It looks so Yummy! I have been making the flourless orange cake lately and it too is to die for.....With Cream!

  2. Anna,
    you are completely indefatigable!

  3. You are becoming a Donna Hay Whizz....let me know if you start wearing heals like hers...did you see them last night on Masterchef?

    Hope the painting turns out as delicious as the cake!


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