29 October, 2009

My Creative Space

I've just joined this list and so took pics of my two 'creative spaces' today - the kitchen where I'm experimenting with cookie cutters and pineapple slices (fun) while sneaking glances at this beautiful book my husband bought me FOR NO REASON (very impressed) yesterday - I love this guy's art!
And here is my table in my temporary art space - geared up for one handed painting of canvas bags (the other hand cradles my beautifully contented baby), which will be this month's artistic achievement. Yesterday I was also heatsetting them with the iron, totally one handed, after making a sandwich - you guessed it - one handed. Actually, I'm typing this one-handed too! Ah, but she's so darn CUDDLY right now! I can't keep my hands off her!
To see more creative spaces pop over to Kootoyoo.


  1. wow, I am loving your hand painted totes. How cute is the pineapple!

  2. What lovely bright and cheery pictures you paint. They put a smile on my face.

  3. I love your creative spaces, Anna! but really, that's every day on your site :) Gorgeous photos + fabulous works. Kx

  4. Anna I know you too well, I'm sure this is not the only creative space you have... your whole house is creative! And way to go David, I'm sure you got Brownie points for that gift. Love and hugs


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