15 February, 2010

Bad taste?

Is it bad taste to go to an Elvis & Abba Party as "Elvis' Last Meal*"? (Cue ethical debate here. And admire the accidental pun.)

Regardless, it was a great party, and I have to say, a sandwich costume is very appropriate for people with body issues, even though it's a little difficult to eat, drink, get through the door, sit down... I'll leave it at that.

I loved wearing the costume, which really is more of a two day project, rather than a 'think about it for a fortnight and make the thing in one afternoon' kind of project.

I followed most of the instructions from here, but have to add that I think foam core board makes the best sandwich front (and back, obviously) and I didn't have any spray adhesive (I did have an empty can though, which was an interesting surprise when realised at the 11th hour), so I made do with craft glue held together with sewing pins (removed when dry). It'd be good to use gap filler or even hot glue to attach the foam 'crusts' to the fascias.

And best to make it a little earlier so the spray paint fumes can subside prior to the actual event.

Now I just need to hope that I'm invited to a food themed party sometime in the future. I'd love to wear it again. And D certainly liked that Elvis wig too.

(Here's a pic of me at Elvis' grave, at Gracelands, in 1993. What can I say? I am a fan.)

*for those not in the know, Elvis regularly enjoyed fried banana and peanut butter sandwiches. And sometimes partook in valium. As discovered in his post mortem. RIP Elvis.


  1. You both looked so cool Anna!!! Amazing costumes, and very original!

  2. YES! Best costume ever. I remember for my 21st, I had a themed party - under the sea. We had penguins, crabs, pirates, mermaids, shipwrecks (!!), and.... Harold Holt. Mildly inappropriate wins every time :D As do two-person costumes :D

  3. Wow, I'm not so sure which is more horrifying, the foam or that woman standing by the graveside.

  4. love the costume! hey, Abba and Elvis parties are meant to be bad taste!


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