18 February, 2010

My Creative Space

I can't believe that I actually have something creative to share this week! The Toowoomba Grammar School Art Show entry form is due tomorrow (the show opens in 4 weeks) so things have had to kick into gear.

I was inspired to paint one of the antique 'flying ducks' that I'd seen at our local Cobb & Co museum (there on a playdate) so raced down and took some photos and raced back and went to the movies (saw "Valentines Day" - excellent!) and then raced home and painted this. (I did feed the kids in the middle there somewhere...)

That was last Friday, but seeing as I intend to finish it tonight (and also do my tax figures, Jeanette, if you're reading this I haven't forgotten!) I think it makes it as a Creative Space.

I'm also feeling inspired to paint other 'kitschy homewares' and recently took some pics at a friend's place (she's an avid collector of beautiful things) of some 'black lady lamps', mama's head cookie jars and more ducks, among other items. I'd appreciate any other input - Is there a particular 'retro or collectable' ceramic homeware that you remember fondly?

My mum has a set of cream and green canisters (flour, sugar, etc) which bring back memories for me, but I'm still figuring out how I could compose a painting with them...

Thanks! And for more creative spaces head over to Kootooyoo.


  1. Love the duck! I'm really looking forward to seeing the other kitchy homewares you paint.

  2. i love the ducks but my personal faves are russian dolls
    Jo xxx

  3. yay, that duck is very cool!
    good thing you fed those kids in there too :)

  4. Oh, your ducky is super cute...!

    I LOVE those flying ducks, but they are SO expensive now... bah! I'll never own some... they are like the oppy holy grail lol.

  5. I love those flying duck wall hangings! and they are what I remember as my 'favourite thing' in my grandparents' house when I was a child :) That's so spooky! Good luck with your entry (oh, and with the dreaded taxes too!) Kx

  6. Lovaduck!! ;-) That is such a fab painting x Oh, and I'm with Jo on the Russian dolls!

  7. Mum had those canisters! You could simply have them descend in a row ...not unlike ducks. Pretty colours!

  8. Hi Anna,
    I love your duck -- your painting style is beautiful: free and confident!
    All the best

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