06 February, 2010

Egg Couture

Now that we have our own BRILLIANT egg-laying chickens in our own backyard (feeling very rural now), there is the concept of how to store said eggs between laying and eating...

As my friends and family know, I'm a sucker for good packaging (and like to reward clever marketing... or I just like to shop for quirky things... best not to read too much into it really).

Getting to the point - have you checked out the variety of egg cartons available now? I love this black carton that holds nine eggs (they were yummy, but not quite as good as ours) and it will now be the storage container of choice for our eggs. It's neat, blends into the counter top, and holding only 9, will encourage brisk rotation of said eggs so they won't need to go in the fridge.

And it's much better than the daggy old Coles one we were using.

Who is it that said to 'have nothing in your house that isn't either beautiful or useful'?

It's a small thing, but it's making me happy today.


  1. We are sorely tempted by the notion of BRILLIANT egg-laying chickens in our own backyard and I hadn't even got to the bit where you get to store them in nice carton whatsits.

  2. So fabulous... we've been talking about having chooks for ages and you're making me very envious here, Anna! ;) Such a wonderful photo. Thanks. Kx

  3. Lauren5:03 pm

    Anna, dear sister, you need to get out more. Getting your thrill from black egg cartons means you are going a little loco - I'm sorry to be the one to tell you. I get the eggs - that is very enviro etc but the cartons? Pl-ease!

  4. hey anna, I have a super neat maxwell and williams ceramic egg tray that sits on the kitchen bench!

  5. It may be a small thing but it's a very beautiful one :-) I've been toying with the idea of having chickens, I'd love to have freshly laid eggs - and now I know about this whole stylish fashion statement thing that may just swing it ;-)


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