12 February, 2010

There's nothing to see here

But we have red velvet cake!

S has decided that red is her favourite colour, so seeing she has me figured out, this is what happened here today. It's a Martha recipe, using an entire bottle of Pillar Box Red food colouring, and I have to say, it's very yummy.

Due to babies that seem to not need much sleep, and adults that do, there has been pretty much NO arting or crafting around here lately. Last Sunday I did manage the hand stitching of the binding on the lap quilt I made ages ago and I have to say, it felt FANTASTIC to have it finished.

Tonight I want to work on a painting for a friend's 50th and tomorrow I plan to be making a giant sandwich costume for said friend's birthday - let's see how it goes.

Would love to post about something interesting one day soon!


  1. oh yummy !! I be over in a tick :) Hope you have a great weekend !!
    xx Tina

  2. OMG! Red food colouring? Id be climbing the walls...lol.
    I used to feel the same way Anna, now as long as everyone is clean and fed Im happier, although some days I do feel resentful that I dont get to do what I want to do/love to do...then I clean...lol
    How long did the cakes last? 5 minutes I bet!
    PS I snuck out of bed before the 5 yr old woke to have a quiet coffee and a blog surf hehehe


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