27 August, 2010

I've been interviewed by Thea, here!

It's wierd, seeing my words on someone else's blog (and realising that it didn't even cross my mind that I wasn't wearing shoes when she took that photo of me! Probably too busy trying to position the child in my arms to make me look slimmer...) but the lovely Thea from Thea & Sami has interviewed me for her "Friday Follower" feature today.

I did a screenprinting day with Thea a couple of years ago and we have kept in touch. Do check out her lovely, eco-friendly fabrics and homewares while you're there. She has a fretwork design that I've loved for ages. And her new soap range smells amazing.

Think I'll go put some shoes on now.


  1. You're welcome Anna!

  2. Brilliant interview. Am crying. (Thank goodness I have a hankie!)

    You should've been one of the Independants who're currently holding the country hostage ... I think you'd do a great job.

    Yours in onwards and upwards,

  3. LOOOOOOVED it! It makes me even happier to have discovered the wonderful world of Anna Bartlett.

  4. lovely interview anna. all the best with the selling of the hankies! wonderful idea and a great cause.


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