31 August, 2010

The next stage

Now that B is not only up on two legs, but can do this

(can you hear her at your place?!!!) and this

gif animator

and every meal needs at least two spoons (and sometimes two outfits)

it does make it pretty difficult to package these (lovely new colours, in the shop soon)

and send off these 
(thanks to all those who've already ordered Hanky Drive hankies - seen here with their smart, new labels)

but luckily, she's also incredibly good at doing this.

It may not be a real word, but it's a real talent.


  1. the grineating is the cutest photo ever!

  2. Oh funny. She's cute.

    It's hard to keep an eye on them and do something else because - that's right - they're suddenly on the table, or in the car, or about to kiss the dog's bum ... which is not conducive to a grineating smile.


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